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  • Japanese Knife Kanetsune Damascus White Steel Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba 270mm

Japanese Knife Kanetsune Damascus White Steel Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba 270mm

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Japanese Knife Kanetsune Damascus White Steel Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba 270mm

Japanese Knife Kanetsune Damascus White Steel Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba 270mm

KC-500 Series

(Suitable for slicing boneless fish fillets into sashimi and toppings for sushi.)
SteelTypeWhite Steel Core / Damascus 11 Layers
HandleTraditional D-Shaped Magnolia w/ Black Plastic Bolster
BladeLength270mm (10.6")
OverallLength410mm (16.1")


The KC-500 Series are traditional Japanese kitchen knives made from high-carbon white steel (Shiro-Ko). These knives feature 11 layer damascus made in traditional Honkasumi style with Hou wood handles. They are all hand polished to a razor edge and are the embodyment of traditional knives used for fish and sashimi preparation. For those not familiar with traditional knives please note they are made for right handed use only and due to the nature of the high carbon steel used they will rust if not dried immediately after use. This is not a fault but is characteristic of the carbon steel. Many chefs prefer carbon steel knives because they have the ability to produce and maintain a sharper edge than stainless steel.We recommend only sharpening these knives using Japanese waterstones.

Care and Maintenance

Please follow the instructions below to ensure a lifetime of Japanese knives.

  1. Apply mild detergent on a soft sponge or wet cloth to clean. Do not use bleach. Do not use dishwasher.
  2. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe and dry it immeadiately after every use.
  3. Use sharpening stones to sharpen Japanese knives do not use a sharpening steel
  4. For less freaquently used knives apply oil very thinly after the knives are sharpened cleaned and dried.

About Damascus

Rough instruction for Damascus steel.Damascus steel was made in Ancient India and has another name as gWootz steelh.Indian steelmaking technology is superior from ancient and they have been making superior steel from B.C. Especially existing gColumn in Delhih is not getting rust even now so that the material for this column as Damascus steel is famous for superior material. Damascus steel has mystique from itfs own toughness resistance for rust and elegant pattern of surface and process of manufacture was passed down from the father to just one child of next generation so that this process was not passed to today. Besides no one could find how to make it until now. Damascus steel was held in high esteem by blade material in modern century and the blade was passed down by dynastic hidden treasure so that it gained reputation by status symbol. Besides it has special meaning in human history because present stainless steel was developed through investigation forprocess of manufacture.

Original Damascus steel was forged iron and which pattern was happened by inner join with different melt point steels in skull crucible furnace but present Damascus steel is called for generic name which pattern is artificially made by wrought alloy with different kind steels like steel and forged iron. This pattern is happened by difference of cardinal number of carbon and hardness of steels. Then there are many method to happen the pattern.

In the process of forging for different steels metal structure will be homogenization and impurity will decrease so that we can make extremely precise. Damascus steel is called as gThe best materialh for blade with powder metallurgical product method. Because it can make very extremely precise blade by the reason of uniform metal structure and decreased impurity through forging of different kind steels. There were many investigation for forging of different kind steels from ancient age also in Japan and same method could be seen in forging of Japanese Katana. Especially Japanese are proud of this very rare forging method then it is not have to say that Japanese Katana is very sharp.


KANETSUNE is the brand name for knives which Kitasho Co. Ltd. manufactures.There are some areas to make cutting tools in Japan. Seki city in Gifuprefecture is also one of them where Kanetsune Factory is located.Seki City the City of Blades is the 800-year-old blade capital of the Orient.In Seki City there are the greatest number of Japanese sword craftsmen in all Japan actively work on passing down the inimitable craft and tradition of Japanese sword-making from generation to generation and intent upon introducing these excellent swords from Japan to the world.


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