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  • Japanese Field Outdoor Hunting Knife Kanetsune 15 Layers Damascus Karasu KB-254

Japanese Field Outdoor Hunting Knife Kanetsune 15 Layers Damascus Karasu KB-254

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Japanese Field Outdoor Hunting Knife Kanetsune 15 Layers Damascus Karasu KB-254

Medium-sized Blade Series

(Suitable for outdoor)
SteelTypeBlue steel/15-layers Damascus
HandleHandle: Pracord wrapped
Sheath: Nylon
BladeLength125mm (4.92")
OverallLength265mm (10.43")


Care and Maintenance

Please follow the instructions below to ensure a lifetime of Japanese knives.

  1. Apply mild detergent on a soft sponge or wet cloth to clean. Do not use bleach. Do not use dishwasher.
  2. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe and dry it immeadiately after every use.
  3. Use sharpening stones to sharpen Japanese knives do not use a sharpening steel
  4. For less freaquently used knives apply oil very thinly after the knives are sharpened cleaned and dried.

Hitachi Shirogami
(White Steel)
This is refined carbon steel that does not contain any ingredients and can be used for makinghigh-grade Hocho (Japanese kitchen knives) hatchets axes sickles and chisels.
Hitachi Aogami
(Blue Steel)
This is made by adding chromium and tungsten to Shirogami (White Steel) that makes the material more durable and provides corrosion resistance and mostly used for making high-grade Hocho(kitchen knives) and outdoor knives.
Hitachi Aogami Super
(Super Blue Steel)
This is the highest grade steel in their product line that contains high percentage of carbon chrome to increease hardness improviding edge retention and corrosion resistance.
High Carbon Steel
SRK-8 is a improved version of Hitachi's refined carbon steel Shirogami (White steel) and it's tougher and durable than Shirogami steel and holds an edge well as Blue steel.
High Carbon Steel
SKD-12 steel is classed as cold work tool steel and the steel has high carbon content. It is mostly used for making dies due to its high wear resistance.
Aichi AUS-10
Stainless Steel
Japanese made stainless steel pdoruced by Aichi foundry. AUS-10 has roughly the same carbon content as 440C but with slightly less chromium therefore it should be a bit less rust resistant but tougher than 440C.
Takefu Super Gold2
Powdered Steel
Super Gold is a premium Japanese powder metal steel developed by Takefu special steel that creates the razor sharp edge and can be hardened into a range of RC 62 on the Rockwell Hardness scale translating into superlative sharpness wear resistance and the ability to maintain very sharp edge. The steel contains 1.45% of carbon and 16% of chromium that offers high corrosion resistance.
Stainless Steel
VG-10 is a stainless steel with a high carbon content that is manufactured by Takefu Special Steel in Japan. VG-10 is quite unique in it's composition using Molybdenum Cobalt and Vanadium in the mixture. VG-10 is typically hardened to anywhere from RC 58-61.
Sandvik 19C27
Stainless Steel
Sandvik 19C27 is a highest grade steel among their stainless chromium steel series. The steel has high percentage of carbon content and is mostly used for high quality industrial knife applications.


KANETSUNE is the brand name for knives which Kitasho Co. Ltd. manufactures.There are some areas to make cutting tools in Japan. Seki city in Gifuprefecture is also one of them where Kanetsune Factory is located.Seki City the City of Blades is the 800-year-old blade capital of the Orient.In Seki City there are the greatest number of Japanese sword craftsmen in all Japan actively work on passing down the inimitable craft and tradition of Japanese sword-making from generation to generation and intent upon introducing these excellent swords from Japan to the world.


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